How much does vagina tightening cost?

I have heard that it is possible with one or two stiches to make a woman's vagina more tight. Is that really possible and how much is it? How Much for Making Me More Tight?

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Vaginal Tightening or Vaginoplasty


Vaginoplasty or vaginal rejuvenation is a procedure whereby the muscles around the vagina are tightened and the vaginal canal is reduced in size. It's designed make the vagina tighter and increase sensation during sexual intercourse. It is much more than putting one or 2 stitches in, it is a one to one and a half hour operation whereby all the layers of the vagina are repaired. We usually perform it under general anesthesia and the cost runs between $7-$9000, I hope that helps, good luck.

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What is the cost for vaginal or labia surgery

The costs vary on whether surgery is inside and out.  Local or other anesthesia.
Board Certified surgeon  or other "cosmetic" doctor

Starting prices usually about 3500.00

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How much does vagina tightening cost?


A vaginal tighteneing (vaginoplasty), is more than just putting in 1 or 2 stitches.  It is done under general anesthesia and involves removing some of the mucosa, tightening the muscle layer, and reducing the size of the vaginal opening.  Ave cost is $5500 - $6000 in our area.

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Vaginal tightening



Vaginal tightening can be perormed. It is best for women who have had children via vagnial delivery and have stretched out their tissues. Patients will typically state that they feel that sex is not the same since childbirth. The surgery involves removal of excess mucosa with tightening of the underlying muscle and reduction in the diameter of the vaginal introitus (external opening of the vagina). I also sometimes perform fat injection into the side walls of the vagina if there is a great deal of vaginal laxity. The procedure takes around 1.5 hours and the cost with anesthesia and facility fee is around $5000-5500.

I Hope this answers some of your questions.


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