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Does Lyposuction Help a Type 1 Diabetic Absorb Insulin Better?

I have been a type1 diabetic for 35 years now, and have thickening of the skin around my middle from injections. Its like playing russin roulete!! Sometimes i can take a shot & it won't absorb, so i'll take another, and another etc.etc. untill I get the right area. I am active 5 foot 120lbs female, and want to know if this is the right procedure for me, or if there is another one i do not even know about. Thanks, Toni

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Can Liposuction Help Absorption of Insulin Injections in Type I diabetic?

                 I do not know of anyone offering liposuction for that specific thing.  However, liposuction was shown to help trigylceride levels and possibly visceral fat stores in type II diabetics in 2011.

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