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Lump After Fat Injection

A year ago my husband had fat injected into his frown lines. A hard lump formed on one side. Three months ago, the doctor tried to removed it and although a grease like substance did come out, the lump is still there today and if you push on it - it moves. What other options are available to us.

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Lump in forehead after fat grafting


Some doctors inject it with kenalog or 5fu. I personally try to break it up with a needle then squash itwith pressure..I am 100 % effective so far in the forehead and elsewhere. The fat forms a plastic like capsule around itself..I you disrupt the capsule with a needle it is just for want of  a better term mush.

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Lump after fat grafting


The lump can be injected with kenalog and/or 5- and along with massage this could reduce or soften it.  If this does not work then surgical removal would be needed

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