LSL Compared to Facial Surgery? How Long Does It Last? Have You Heard of Nubrilliance?

Have you heard of Nubrillance? Does it work?

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How long does Lifestyle lift last is nubrilliance any good

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Lifestyle lift is a quick abbreviate facelift like procedure. Having performed facelifts for 30 years and winning awards for my technique i consider myself an expert. That being said because I have  seen my patients for so many years I have a few observations. The more anatomically correct and extensive facelifts seem to last longer. The less involved abbreviated procedures last for a shorter period. Also the aging being reversed is a factor, So Lifestyle lift  one cant say .a number of months or years. It is an abbreviated procedure and in my opinion will last a shorter period than a real facelift.

Nubrilliance is a home microdermabrasion system. Microdermobrasion works on skin tone and texture to a minimal degree. I'd expect nubrilliance to be the same.

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