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Lower Body Lift? Risks After TT?

I had my tt/mr about a 2yrs ago. My ps was very cautious when it came to the tummy tuck, I received lovenox for 5 days post surgery. In oct I'm having back part of TT I think it's called lower body lift. He dosent seem as concerned, he says that the surgery is not as invasive so no lovenox, but surgery is still 2 hours. What is the difference between the risk of one or the other? .I'm just wondering what to expect and if you have any words of wisdom. I'm 5"5 and 130 pounds.

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Lower Body Lift? Risks After TT?

The tummy tuck has the highest risk for DVT. So the second stage would have a lower risk. Find a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of body contouring procedures each year. Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results. Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Body Lift after Tummy Tuck - Do I need a blood thinner like Lovenox?

You ask an excellent question, which is basically "Is there less blood clot risk from this surgery than from a Tummy Tuck?"  Safety in any plastic surgery procedure should always be priority one.

I evaluate every patient's blood clot risk (commonly referred to as DVT or VTE risk in the medical profession) for every surgery. I do believe that what you have described would rate a lower risk overall than a Tummy Tuck procedure. However, in addition to the procedure, we evaluate a number of other factors such as age, body mass index, and use of birth control or hormones among many others. 

It is likely that your surgeon has evaluated these other factors in determining whether or not to give a blood thinner injection (such as Lovenox), and it is likely that he will use other precautionary anti-clotting measures for your surgery (such as compression pumps before and during surgery and careful body warming during surgery). Your best bet is to contact your surgeon or his medical staff and ask.

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Nick Slenkovich, MD FACS

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