Hematoma, I Am 5 Months After Breast Implant Removal. Any Suggestions?

My right breast is still painful and 3 weeks ago I felt a fixed big lump that according to the ultrasound is a collection of blood under the muscle. The lump feels hard almost like an extra bone on my chest but there was never a bruise. Doctor wants to repeat the test in 6 months. I own a portable 1 Mz ultrasound massager, should I use it? What can I do to speed up reabsoption and to prevent calcification? Does this sound like something that will completely resolve?

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Hematoma 5 Months After Breast Implant Removal.

Ask your surgeon about trying to aspirate and remove the liquid contents, giving the cavity a chance to collapse and resorb. I don't think there is otherwise much chance of resolution by just watching. If there is concern about safety, the aspiration can  be done under ultrasonic guidance.

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At five months after breast augmentation it is a bit unusual to have a hematoma. If it has been there a while, then it is probably a walled off cavity and may not resorb.

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Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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