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Will I Lose Weight off my Breast/higher Back Area After Recovery?

I had smartlipo on abs/waist 7 weeks ago. My breast/chest area has grown since surgery. Is this due to swelling or am I just getting fatter? My bottomside appears larger too, but in fact, have shrunk a bit when wearing pants. I am very confused. I walk daily but have only been able to start with light weights as far as substantial exercise goes only this week. Should I begin vigorous exercise now?

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Breasts and liposuction

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More than likely at one week since surgery, what you are experiencing is probably swelling. But, the breasts can grow with weight gain.

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It would be nice to see pictures. It is good that you are beginning to exercise. Most important are your eating habits. You need to eat a good healthy diet or you will go back to gaining weight

David A. Bray, Sr., MD
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