If I Lose 15 More Pound After Breast Augmentation Surgery Will That Affect the Shape of my Breast?

I am have breast augmentation in 3 week and I am 15 pound from my weight lost goal . If I lose 15 pound after my surgery will it affect the shape of my breast or size?

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Will future weight loss affect breast augmentation result.


Thanks for a good question.  I read my colleagues answers as well.  If you have very little breast now, ie A to B cup, then weight loss of 15 lbs probably will not do much.  If you have a C Cup, it is possible that you could loose volume that is percievable with weight loss, that could affect shape.  An important fact to know is if you breasts in particular are sensitive to weight changes in the past.  Good luck. 

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Weight loss and breast size


Though the previous post is true, you should also factor in your current weight and age and what percentage of your weight 15 lbs would be....if losing the weight is realistic for you, it may be better to use a slightly larger implant volume at your surgery.

Leonard T. Yu, MD
Maui Plastic Surgeon
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Probably not


It depends on how tall or broad you are.  15 pounds is a small amount for a large woman and a large amount for a small woman.  Some women carry extra fat/weight in the breasts, some in their abdomen and some in their thighs or arms.  If you lose weight  before the surgery, the result may not be what you expected.

E. Anthony Musarra II, MD
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Weight loss after breast augmentation


Thank you for your question.

As you can see the answer to your question is multifactorial. Your best bet is to postpone your surgery until you have reached your desired weight and have maintained it for a while.

Best wishes,

Dr. H

Gary M. Horndeski, MD
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Weight loss before breast augmentation surgery


A 15 lb weight loss in someone 100 lbs is significant, in someone 160 lbs not as much. However, if you lose weight in your breasts this is something you would want to consider regarding the timing of you operation. You wouldn't get your pants tailored until you were at your stable weight, so why do it with your breasts. Also, make sure the goal is realistic and something you can maintain. 

Best of luck,

Vincent Marin, MD
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Vincent P. Marin, MD
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Weight loss affecting breast shape?


With a 10-15 pound weight loss, your breast shape probably would not be greatly affected.  Each person is different and how your breasts have changed from weight loss in the past will probably be consistent with how they are affected in the future. Good luck

Mennen T. Gallas, MD
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If I Lose 15 More Pound After Breast Augmentation Surgery Will That Affect the Shape of my Breast?


Certainly massive weight loss patients will have breasts that become more deflated and smaller. I have found in many of my breast reduction patients when they try to lose weight it almost never affects the breasts. It is not likely that losing 15 pounds will affect your result to a point that it is noticeable.

Richard J. Brown, MD
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Losing weight after breast augmentation


Weight loss can certainly affect the results of breast surgery. But I tell my patients that if the expected weight loss is only 10-15 lbs, that the affect on the breast shape will be minimal. I tell them that if the expected weight loss is going to be 30-50 lbs, there is likely to be a notable change in the overall results. The 15-30 lbs. weight loss is quite variable from patient to patient based on their percentage of fatty tissue in the breast. I would suppose that you have very little risk of significantly affecting your final results. Also, if you already have a very deflated breast skin envelope, additional weight loss will not really affect the surgery.

William T. Stoeckel, MD
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Weigt loss or gain definitely affects breast shape after breast augmentation!


After a breast augmentation weight shifts will impact your breasts.   Female breast may be 90% fat and 10% gland or 90 % gland and 10 % fat.   People who have a higher fat % of their breasts have a higher impact with weight swings.  They simply have more fat cells to swing one way or the other.  It is quite unusual for modest shifts  to cause any impact in the breast appearance whatsoever and may not be noticed by the person or others.  Clearly large weight shifts from the date of augmentation can greatly affect the breast shape and appearance.  A lot depends on the size of the patient and the size of the weight loss or gains in comparison.  In 30 years I have never had a patient lose or gain weight and then come seeking an implant adjustment.  Implants ride through weight shifts quite well, but I suppose  occasionally a change in implants is indicated.  The best advice is try to manage your weight.  Most of our breast augmentation patients are near their correct weight but there are heavier patients that I have augmented.  At times a gain or loss can even enhance a patients happiness and confidence.  Hope this helps.  My best,   Dr C

George Commons, MD
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Weight Loss after Breast Augment


I think the important question is whether there is any concern about you needing a breast  lift now with your augment? In other words, it sounds like you may be someone who has already lost some weight and is still on a plan to loose some more, i.e. 15lbs? If so then a breast lift might be necessary at time of augmentation. If your entire weight loss, before and still to come is only 15lbs, I dont think you have anything to worry about.

Bernabe Vazquez, MD
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