Should I Take Legal Action? He fell off the face of the earth when there we're all those problems.

My surgeon was all nice until I had the surgery. Then everything went wrong - bottoming out, muscle contracture, etc. he started ignoring my calls and didn't bother scheduling our appointments throughout the first year (6 months, 10 months, one year). I was told if there were issues, he'd perform a free revision under one year. He made an appt past my one yr ti avoid free surgery..what should I do?

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Should I Take Legal Action? He fell off the face of the earth when there we're all those problems.

  • I can understand your frustration. What I can't tell from the question is whether you have seen him and what was suggested in terms of treatment. 
  • This is not a forum for legal advice, and presumably few or none of the surgeons on the panel are attorneys. Common sense dictates that if the office intentionally scheduled your follow ups in such a manner as to make the "warranty" useless, that those actions violated the expected responsibility to provide follow up after your surgery. These types of issues can usually be handled face to face with the surgeon without having to  deal with attorneys. All the best. 

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Write him a letter.

It is possible that the surgeons staff is isolating him.  Send a cerified letter expressing your concerns and see if he gets back to you.  Remember however, that poor customer service does not equate to malpractice.

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