Not Suppose to Wear a Push-up Bra but Some of my Sports Bras Are Tight That They Push my Boobs Together, Should I Not Wear Them?

my ps told me to wear a tight sports bra at night to keep my cleavage line nice. although some of my old sports bras that are tight yet not uncomfortable, but just super TIGHT, pushes my boobs (cleavage line) so together, is it like a push-up bra then?. i am not suppose to wear push-up bras also, so should i still wear them to sleep at night? i havent worn the super tight ones though, just the slightly tight ones.

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Wearing a bra after surgery


The bra is generally used for support not to expand the implant pocket.  The bra should be used to gently push the breast implants up and in as gravity will push them down and out. 

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Not Suppose to Wear a Push-up Bra


actually what happens with push up bras is that they have wires underneath , and that is the reason you should not wear them.

The support is good after surgery to keep your breast from dropping , that is why a lot of surgeons recommend sports bras. Of course it is a good decision not to wear the really tight old ones , since they are probably not your size anymore.


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