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I Accidently Stopped the VI Peel by Applying Aquaphor! What Can I Do?

On the third day of my Vi Peel , the moisturizer given was setting on extreme FIRE, so I used Aquaphor instead. The Aquaphor immediently healed the skin and prematurely stopped the peeling process. All my skin had peeled except the eye area, now the eye area will not peel and is very dry/damaged and crinkly!! Will this eventually peel? What can I do to get that area to peel?

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Post peel care after Vi Peel


The good news is that Aquaphor did not stop the peeling process.  By deeply moisturizing the skin you masked the skin peeling.  It sounds like you may benefit from applying a rich moisturizer such as aquaphor to the eyelid area as well.  Of course, I advise that you consult with the person performing your procedure as he or she should have your history and can examine you.  Good luck!

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