Consistent Pain/sensitivity 7 Months After Chin Implant Surgery. Is That Normal?

I had a chin augmentation done in June 2012. While the pain has decreased over time, it still hurts when I press against my chin. Also, many times after an event or something where I smile and talk a lot, my jaw will feel very sore. The right side of my jaw looks a tad more swollen than the left - it sometimes feels like there is a small hard ball an inch or so next to the chin on the jawline. Is it normal to still feel soreness and pain 7 months later? What about the small ball?

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Chin Augmentation Pain Seven Months post Surgery


 Dear MND73, No it is not normal to have pain seven months post chin augmentation. I would see your surgeon and discuss your symptoms and the fact that you have what you describe as a small ball next to the chin on the jawline. Since your surgeon knows best what was done, where he/she placed the implant and the type used your surgeon is the best person to express your discomfort to in the hopes of a solution. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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