I Have Loose Skin After Vaser Lipo and Around my Belly Button a Tattoo I Hate.

Is there a way of removing a tattoo (which is all the way around my belly button, about 3inches in length and width) along with my loose skin from my belly and creating a realistic belly button. So i am left with a tattoo free, firm looking stomach. The thing is my muscles are very strong underneath the loose skin, would not need them tightening.

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Loose skin after VASER


The only way to remove both the loose skin and an unwanted tattoo around the belly button would be to consider an abdominoplasty or tummy tuck; this procedure will remove both the unwanted skin and tattoo while greatly improving the appearance of the abdomen; if your muscles are already tight, you can choose to have a skin excision procedure only; this will also provide less pain and downtime post-operatively

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