Longevity of Stem Cell Facelift?

How does the longevity of results for a facelift using stem cells compared to traditional procedures? Which method requires less surgical procedures overall to preserve the results of a facelift indefinitely?

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Stem cell facelift

  • The stem cell facelift is more of a marketing term than a real surgery
  • Stem cells are contained within fat cells that are transferred to the face
  • You would have to be a good candidate for the procedure and if you are a candidate, results can last 5-10 years

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Web reference: http://www.eosplasticsurgery.com/fat-transfer.html

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Stem Cell Face Lifts


This is impossible to answer as there is no scientific well controlled large patient size studies to prove that there are significant advantages. Also this technique is new so no long history to look at.

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Longevity of Stem Cell Lift


This a great question with no current answer.  Since there is no proof that there is any efficacy in a "stem cell lift", I would advise any patient of mine to stear clear of any marketing for this procedure. 

Web reference: http://www.drprendiville.com/facelift.html

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Longevity of Stem Cell Facelift


Since there is little scientific proof that they are injecting any significant amount of true stem cells, most likely it will be gone much sooner than a facelift where tissue are manually lifted and excess skin totally removed.

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What is "the Stem Cell Facelift"?


Competition and the very common prevalence of a missing ethical backbone among many practitioners have led to the ever present term "Stem Cell Facelift" to supplement its so last year "Nonsurgical Facelift" and "Scarless Facelift". 

We know that our fat has a high concentration of pluripotential (cells which can become any other tissue) cells. We know that carefully harvested fat cells placed carefully under the ski may result in fuller younger appearing skin. But - different fat harvesting techniques result in vastly different stem cell numbers in the fat grafts. Which techniques should be qualify as stem cell transfers and which are merely fat transfers? The American Society of Plastic Surgeons takes a dim view of surgeons who try and mislead the public with crappy, misleading and financially motivated marketing. The "Stem Cell Facelift" is a prime example why.

I would avoid doctors advertising such a procedure. If someone is unethical in their marketing could they be unethical in other aspects of their professional conduct? You decide.

I'm waiting to see the next marketing step - the "nonsurgical, lunchtime we-are-not-kidding-full-money-back-guarantee-what-do-you-have-to-lose laser Stem Cell Facelift".

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Longevity of stem cell facelifts


Although no good long-term studies have been performed to date it is likely the case that facelifts with fat grafting (whether or not stem cells are present in the fat) appears to give longer lasting results.

Web reference: http://www.seattleface.com/html/before_n_after_set.php?procedure=fat_injection&id=01

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Stem cell lift vs traditional techniques


Your question is an excellent question, and the fact of the matter is that no one knows.  Whenever a new technique arises, it is our responsibility as physicians to keep up with the technology, assess the technology, assess the safety of the technology, and assess the efficacy of new technologies before adopting them.  Stem cells are catch phrases and everyone is throwing them down.  I think in the long-term stem cells will be an adjunct to traditional facelifting procedures just as restylane and radiesse is useful after a facelift to enhance the result.  I do not think that a stem cell lift will replace a traditional face lift.  If you want something that is a sure bet..go for the gold standard.

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Facelift - Longevity of Stem Cell Facelift?


Excellent question - but no excellent answer.  Stem Cells are the current catchwords and they are being applied - as are the cells themselves - to nearly every procedure.  While there is much to be excited about there is, thus far, relatively little long term scientific proof that supports those claims.  So it's that much more difficult to assess precisely the impact of those treatments.

At present I would view Stem Cell treatments as a potentially valuable adjunct to more traditional techniques.  If we (the scientific community, not me!) start getting consistently better or more prolonged results when Stem Cells have been incorporated into the techniques, then doctors' advice will have to be adjusted accordingly.

I hope that this helps, and good luck,

Dr. E

Web reference: http://www.bodysculpture.com

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Stem cell facelift

  • Unfortunately the hype of the stem cell facelift has gotten ahead of the scientific proof that the transferred stem cells actually do anything in their new location.
  • Fat cells have been transferred from one part of the body to another for a number of years.  This is especially true when performing a facelift.  Volume restoration is part of that procedure because volume loss in the face is part of the facial aging process.
  • There are numerous stem cells in fat.  This is a relatively recent discovery.  Since there are stem cells in fat they must be transferred along with the fat.  However, there is no scientific proof that the transplanted stem cells contribute anything in the new location.  This is a very active area of study but at this point in time there is no proof that a transplanted stem cells has any effect in a new location.  Therefore any claim by a provider must be viewed with some caution.  Hype seems to precede actual study and scientific findings.

Thank you for your question.  Best wishes.

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Stem cell face lift


Fat injections have stem cells within the fluid that is injected. There is research out there that is working on this in more detail. Ultimately, the approach of stem cell face lifts are to stimulate the body to make more fat cells.  Presently, fat grafting can be done that can look better than the creator of the stem cell face lift. I agree with the other doctors that much of this could be marketing.

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