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6 weeks post Smart Lipo. How long should I wear the compression garment for?

i had surgery 6 weeks ago and i was wearing the garment for 4 wk straight all day everyday but for the past 4 days im not wearing it anymore because is making my skin hurt so much...will this affect my final result?

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Liposuction compression garment

 You wore it long enough and if it is hurting your skin then it is counterproductive. I recommend my patients wear a neck strap for four days and then when they are at home for an additional 10 days. For the body I recommend the garments for two weeks. Some of my patients wear their garments longer and can make them feel more comfortable especially with exercise. I have had a few patient's allergic to their garments and they didn't wear them more than a few days and they still ended up with good results.

Honolulu Dermatologist

LIposuction garment

Every doctor is different and it is always best to ask yours. I usualy have pateints wear a garment for 3-6 weeks.

Steven Wallach, MD
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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