How Long Do I Have to Wait After a Fat Graft (BBL) to Get PMMA Injections?

I had a brazilian butt lift in Sept, the Dr was obviously not very experienced, I didn't do enough homework. He didn't get a lot of fat, the butt and hips are exactly the same (it didn't reabsorb, it never changed!) One clinic said I could do PMMA right after, another said I need to wait a year...?

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How Long Should You Wait After BBL To Have PMMA Injected Into Your Buttocks?


Don't put your life on the line by having foreign materials injected into your buttocks!  You already made one mistake by not "doing your homework" as you say, don't make another!  You still have plenty of excess fat that can be removed to give you a beautiful and natural result.   Don't put a foreign material into your buttocks. It is a set up for many more complications in the future.  Your own fat is the only natural, the safest option and provides by far the BEST results since you get the benefit of the liposuction also.  Choose your surgeon wisely.  Don't do "Butt Injections" of any kind.  It's not FDA approved for a reason!

Brazilian Butt Lift

First you still have a significant amount of fat around the buttocks area in the love handles, illiac crfest and probably other areas.

 You need to liposuction around the buttock to give you the enhancementof the buttock. Then the harveted fat can be transfered to the byttocks for a good result.

Stay away from PMMA, there has been multiple reports of problems with the material.

And you still have fat for BBL.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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