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Puddle of Fluid on Lower Abdomen - Will it Go Away?

I had a tummy tuck 2 years ago. And was just removing the excess fat i am happy with the result thus far. Just a lil anxious about the fluid. Im wondering also should i be dieting during the healing . And could i take water pills. Ive been wearing the garment,spanks,ace bandages. Would like to know how long i should i wear them to get the best result. Thank you. Also, my thighs are hard - should they be?

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? Fluid puddle 2 years post-op


If you had a seroma or fluid collection for over 2 years after your TT, in all likelihood you could wear compression till the cows come home and it would not change.  A true fluid collection this long will need surgical intervention to correct.  Now if this is only fat then a simple liposuction make help dramatically.  Why not see your plastic surgeon for an evaluation.

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Seroms after Tummy Tuck

Thank you for your post. Seromas can be painful and cause a cosmetic deformity, as well as sometimes leak. The whole point of drains is to keep a seroma from happening in the first place. If a drainless procedure was performed, and you had a seroma, or you had drains that were pulled and you subsequently had a seroma, then you should be drained, otherwise a capsule builds around the fluid making it permanent. If a capsule builds around the seroma (pseudo bursa or encapsulated seroma) then the only way to remove the seroma is to surgically open the areas and excise the capsule, and close over drains to prevent another seroma from happening. If the seroma is encapsulated and is tight and painful, then it can be confused with just swelling or fat. An ultrasound is useful in distinguishing these and identifying the extent of the seroma. If the seroma is not yet encapsulated, then it is usually loose and has a 'fluid wave' or water bed type feel. Occasionally, a seroma can also become infected, especially if a permanent braided suture was used. This will have a hot, red appearance, and will eventually open up. I have never seen an infection from sterile aspiration of fluid.
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Pablo Prichard, MD

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Fluid Collection after Tummy Tuck


If you truly have a fluid collection two years after your tummy tuck / abdominoplasty, it is very unusual.  However, it would require drainage to remove the fluid.  However, you may considering having an ultrasound to evaluate the area to ensure that it is truly fluid.


Good Luck.

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Fat yes, fluid no, two years after tummy tuck


A fluid collection after tummy tuck will resolve with drainage, aspiration in the office, or time. The fullness you have in your lower abdomen is no longer fluid and is probably fat, or some remaining skin laxity. Liposuction may be just the thing to smooth  and contour the area. Also, a sensible diet and exercise is a great idea, diuretics probably not.

Best of luck,


Peter E. Johnson, MD
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Puddle of fluid on lower abdomen

Can you clarify? It sounds like you had an abdominoplasty 2 years ago and recently had liposuction? You mentioned 'dieting during the healing' so I assume you had a recent procedure. A collection of fluid under the skin after liposuction or abdominoplasty is likely a seroma and can be drained in the office by your surgeon. If seromas are present for a long period of time, they can organize and are then more difficult to treat. Please be careful with dieting and taking diuretics; this can lead to dehydration.

Nia Banks, MD, PhD
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Fluid collection after two years from a tummy tuck


It is rare to have a true "fluid collection" 2 years after a tummy tuck, but not impossible.  Sometimes the examination may seem like fluid but it could be residual lipodystrophy (or fat).  My best recommendation is to follow up with your plastic surgery for an evaluation so that can be determined for sure.  If it is a true fluid pocket, then it is likely "encapsulated" and that is why the body is not naturally resorbing it.  If this is the case, then it must be surgically removed.  I would recommend making an appointment in the next 1-2 weeks to see your plastic surgeon so they can evaluate.  I also would not recommend taking water pills.  It is not safe to do unless you have a medical reason like high blood pressure and not healthy for your kidneys. I hope this helps and good luck.


James F. Boynton, M.D., F.A.C.S.

James F. Boynton, MD, FACS
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