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How Long Will I Need my Braces to Be on For? (photo)

They've already been on for a year, but my orthodontist took off my top wire because he needed another tooth to be pulled down. I have one tooth on my right side that was recently exposed, and my general dentist needs to expose my left side as well. I just want to close my gap, and then I won't be as impatient, but I'm mostly wondering when they'll come off. I'm 13 years old and freshman in high school.

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How much longer in braces?

I of course have no idea how much longer!  My question however is: "Why are you asking this question on line in the first place?"  You should feel comfortable asking your orthodontist questions like this and he/she should give you truthful answers, If not then you really should switch to a better doctor.  I sure hope none of my patients feel that they can't talk to me whenever they want!

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