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How Long Is Normal Healing Time For Facial Smart Dot Lazer? (photo)

i am looking to have smart dot lazer on my face for wrinkles on my cheeks above lips ,i spoke to 1 docter who said this would be good for me he would do a 1 off treament been more agressive in parts im concerend with.all under sedation .will 2 weeks be long enough to recover and would omnlux help healing i am 53 fair skin

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SmartXide DOT Laser

The SmartXide DOT laser is a fractional CO2 laser.  Normal healing time depends on how aggressively the treatment is performed and can range from a few days up to 2 weeks.  Typically for a moderately aggressive treatment, my patients are healed in under a week.  For a patient with severe wrinkles or sun damage, healing can take up to ten days.  If the DOT laser is used for traditional, non-fractional laser resurfacing, then the healing can be up to two weeks.   I use topical numbing cream with nerve blocks and oral medicine and do not use IV sedation.  For a typical 53 year old patient I would use moderately aggressive settings with downtime of a week or less.  I use Aquaphor Healing Ointment for the first few days afterwards which is the tried and true.  I have no direct experience with Omnilux but it is certainly not necessary in my hands for rapid healing.

Lone Tree Dermatologic Surgeon

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