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How Long for Deep Stitches to Come Out?

5 months ago I had a tiny mole removed from my leg and the procedure left me with a 2 inch scar (I think this one was basal cell abnormality). Over the past 2 months I've noticed 2 grey 'bumps' popping out of the center. Checked with dermatologist and he said that was the deep stitches coming out. How long do you think until they completely come out on their own? another 6-12 months? longer?

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Mole removal

The deeps stitches do not come out.  They are often absorbable and left in.  If you are concerned, I would schedule a follow-up visit with your physician. 

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Mole removal and the deep stitches

The deep stitches don't come out. They stay in there. Most of these are absorbable and will get dissolved. I personally like permanent sutures but this is something that I decide on with the patient.

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Visit your dermatologist

I see in your post you said you "checked" with your dermatologist, which I'm assuming means you just called...?  In most cases, I have patients with stitches coming out, visit my office for an in-person evaluation and I just remove them. I would suggest you make an appointment with your dermatologist to evaluate if it really is the stitches, or something else. And really, I'm kind of surprised this wasn't recommended to you....

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