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How Long Would It Take to Fix my Smile? (photo)

I have a bad overbite, crowding, crooked, two snaggel teeth, and extra teeth. I'm nineteen how long would it take to fix all this?

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Extraction Orthodontic Treatment is about 18-24 months

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Being young definitely has advantages because teeth move much more efficient during the younger years than older.  Based of only your photos (without looking at x-rays, full clinical exam, study models, etc) it looks like your teeth are a little flared.  When you mix flared with crowding, there's nowhere to move those teeth but outward.  I would lean towards getting your front teeth at proper angulations to create a beautiful smile.  Extractions are generally require to change angulations and resolve crowding.  This usually takes about 18-24 months.  Good luck! 

Irvine Orthodontist

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Without more information it's impossible to answer your question with preciseness. Speaking in generalities and assuming you want orthodontics, average treatment time for orthodontics is 12-18 months.


Good luck!

Brad Lockhart, DDS
Tustin Cosmetic Dentist

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