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How Long Does the Fat Stay After Injection?

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Fat injection viability


Fat cells that are grafted to new areas need to develop a circulation for themselves brought in by neighboring blood vessels. Until that time, which is at least two days and a process called inosculation, the new fat cells acquire oxygen through diffusion from their neighbors. Some of the fat cells, especially if deep within a volume of other cells, will not get enough oxygen, and they won't survive. That is why we try to place small beads of fat per area. Fat injections are capricious and sometimes it works better in one treatment than the next. After a series of injections, many of my patients have had many years of longevity of their fat transfer. Rarely, there are some that don't seem to retain their fat at all.

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Duration of fat injections


When the fat has been harvested and is in a syringe, it has no blood flow into or out of it.  It is dead on the vine at that point.  When it is injected, over the next week the blood vessels in the fat need to hook up with blood vessels in the area where they were injected.  If that happens, the fat is alive for good.  If not, it will be reabsorbed after 3 months.

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