How Long Before All Facial Swelling Disappears After Surgical Repair of a Blowout Fracture of the Eye Socket/cheek Bone?

I am currently 3 months post surgery and still have quite a bit of facial swelling. Trauma involved fractures to side of eye socket, floor of eye socket , cheek bone and nasal cavity. plates were used to repair and secure fracture

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Facial swelling with facial fractures


It may take months for the facial swelling to improve. It is very common fo rthe majority of the swelling to resolve in a few weeks after surgery, but it may take up to a year for it to resolve.

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This swelling can persist for a very long time.


It is also possible that what you see as swelling in increased facial volume do to how the facial skeleton was mended.  3 months from this time of trauma is a relatively short period of time.  For trauma victims, I often let things settle for a year or more before considering further revisional surgery.  Inevitably this type of work often benefits form additional revisional surgery.

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