Why is my eyelid not folding properly after double eye-lid surgery? (photo)

It has been almost 7 weeks since surgery so I strongly believe it is more than a matter of swelling. My right eye is not folding along the stitch line but the left eye is okay. It folds properly where the stitches were. What is wrong with my right eye? Does it seem like I need a reoperation? What are your thoughts? thanks

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Recovery after Asian blepharoplasty

Crease failure is possible after Asian eyelid surgery, and can occur from 5-10% of the time after surgery, depending on the technique.  That being said, give your eyes at least 6 months to heal before assessing the need for a revision procedure.  Follow up closely with your surgeon to ensure the best result.  He/she may suggest some measures to help proper crease formation.  

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