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How Long After Fat Transfer is It Safe to Swim in a Pool?

I was wondering when it is safe to swim in a pool after a fat transfer. I'm not worried about my face, but rather the site from where the fat will be taken. I was planning to have the fat transfer a few days before leaving for vacation, where I'll be swimming in a public pool, if it is safe to do so.

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Swimming after Fat transfer


Swimming can be done in 2 weeks. By that time the incision and the fat have had a good chance at healing. Fat transfer is commonly done in all parts of the face and body. There are studies that quote fat retention from single digit percentages to near 90%. The truth is that there are many variables that contribute to he success of fat take. One variable is age, health status, amount of fat, harvest, process and purification technique. Speak with your plastic surgeon about his/her specific protocol. The nice thing about fat transfer is that there is nothing artificial about the product (unlike commercial fillers). Once the fat has taken it as the potential to last a very long time. Lastly this procedure can be repeated for best results and can be done in the office with minimal post operative discomfort. Remember that safety should always take priority over being expedient so speak with your surgeon and inquire about his/her results and experience. Communication and aligning expectations is the key to happy patient and happy doctor!

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How long after fat transfer is it safe to swim in pool?


You definitely want to wait for the incisions to heal before swimming, You will have some bruising at the site of the liposuction but swimming will not be injurious.

New York Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Fat transfer recovery


Dear Sandy,

10-14 days is a good time frame to avoid public pools, you want to be sure that all the surgical site have healed over.  It would be best to consult with your plastic surgeon, especially in follow up appointments to see how things are healing before swimming in a pool.



Nima Shemirani

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Swimming after fat grafting


When the incision at the donor site is healed you must use the same cautions as any surgical wound . Pools can carrybacteria. I think 2 weeks after stitches ore out  is safe

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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