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How Long After Excess Weight Loss is the Ideal Time for a Body Lift?

When should I consult a surgeon to discuss a body lift? Should the surgeon see the patient while they are loosing weight or after reaching an ideal weight? Will removing any excess skin cause scarring? Will my skin still look natural?

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Ideal time for a body lift


I would wait for 6 months of weight stability before you have surgical procedures. Unfortunately there is no effective non-surgical method.  However, a body lift can truly change your life. Excess abdominal fat  and skin is removed, the abdomen and your core is tightened, your hips are raised and defined and your buttock has new definition and shape.  The combination is powerful and the results are immediate. I would do the body lift first, then stage procedures every 4-6 months. Healing time is 2-4 weeks. Any breast surgery would be better staged because of the safety of being under anesthesia for a long time. The most important thing is safety. Please don't compromise on this! See a board certified plastic surgeon.

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Timing of Body Lift after massive weight loss


Lower Body Lift Timing after Significant Weight Loss

This is a good time to set up a consultation so that you will be well informed of the procedures that are recommended, be able to do some research, find out how long the recovery period is and to make sure you have picked the right doctor. I personally like to have patients maintain their stable weight for a minimum of 6 months and one year is even better to be an ideal candidate

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When to consider plastic surgery after weight loss?


I think you should make sure you are not active losing weight.   If your weight loss has stablized for a period of 4-6 months, then you are likely ready to consider body contouring procedures.   Please visit with a board certified PS to learn more about your options.

Dr. Basu

Houston, TX

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After massive weight loss, when is the best time for a 360 bodylift?


Weight stability is the most important consideration when contemplating a 360 body lift.  Your weight should be stable for about 6 months.  In general, most of my patients lose the majority of their weight 8-12 months after a RNY, duodenal switch, and sleeve procedures.  Patients who have lost their weight with a lap-band, typically, have lost their weight after 20-22 months.  These are generalizations and every patient is different.  Weight stability after massive weight loss is the key, not the number of months after a procedure.  Weight fluctuations of 3-5 pounds are acceptable.  However, you should not have a 360 body lift if you are gaining weight; this would not give you great results. 

Once your weight has stabilized, I would suggest you consult with a board certified plastic surgeon specializing in massive weight loss patients.  I would suggest you see this plastic surgeon after you have lost the weight because areas that may not have concerned you before the complete weight loss, may concern you more after you have lost all your weight.  I have had patients who at first were only concerned about their abdomen, and we had planned an abdominoplasty.  However, after their complete weight loss, they were concerned about their abdomen, hips, saddlebags, and buttocks.  The surgical plan was then changed from an abdominoplasty to a 360 body lift.

Yes, the 360 body lift will leave a scar.  The final scar is multi-factorial.  The final result depends on your plastic surgeon's technique, your healing, and post-operative care.  Overall, most 360 body lift scar are "acceptable".  Almost all of my massive weight loss patients would trade in all that excess skin and fat for a 360 body lift scar. 

A 360 body lift should lead to a significant improvement  in your body shape and form.  It should result in a flat abdomen, minimized saddlebags, and a raised buttock.  Good luck in your weight loss journey.  Sincerely, Dr. Katzen

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Body lift after massive weight-loss.


There is significant discomfort to having a lot if loose skin. Basically, it all gets in the way and is hard to take care of. Therefore, once you feel like you are stable at a certain weight, which you are happy with, you can proceed with surgery to remove the excess skin and lift the area of concern.

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Best timing for Body Lift after Significant Weight Loss


The best time to pursue surgery is at least 6 months after weight loss has stabilized. During significant weight loss, particularly with gastric bypass surgery, there is a period of relative malnutrition in the body. Once weight stabilizes, the body builds its stores back, and that takes at least 6 months. Optimal nutrition is critical to optimal surgical healing and outcomes.

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Timing of Post Weight Loss Body Lift


The timing of post weight loss body contouring and body lift surgery should be considered only after the patient has reached their goal weight and been stable at that weight for several months.  Then, only after appropriate medical clearance would surgery be considered.

Patients often require more than one, and even several procedures to achieve their body contouring goals.   

These include Facelift, Brachioplasty or arm lift, breast lift, upper body lift, abdominoplasty, lower body lift, thigh lift and buttock lift.  

Because of this a strategy for sequencing  and when appropriate combining surgeries is needed. 

A consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon is necessary for proper evaluation and discussion of your treatment options.

New York Plastic Surgeon

Consultation For Body Lift


Even though you should delay your body lift until you have reached a stable weight (hopefully at or near you ideal weight), it sounds as if you have enough questions that it would be beneficial for you to proceed now with an initial consultation.  Removing you rexcess skin will definitely result in scarring which will vary a good bit from patient to patient.

Louisville Plastic Surgeon
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Surgery Timing After Massive Weight Loss


In general, you want a patient to be stable at their weight for at least 6 months before performing any body contouring surgeries.  If they are still losing weight or having weight fluctuations, then it is not a good idea since these can then effect the outcome.  It really does not do the surgeon any good to see the patient until the weight has been lost, since the plans can change dramatically with more weight loss.  With any surgery, there will be scars.  The goal is to minimize these as much as possible. I hope this helps.

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When Should you Seek a Body Lift After Weight loss


A body lift is an important part of getting the full effect of your successful weight loss. This surgery should be highly individualized.  It is important for you to be in good nutritional status and in a good place psychologically to undergo the surgery and recovery.  I think it is helpful to meet with your surgeon well before the time of the procedure, so as to tailor the plans to your specific body type, weight and personal considerations.  Early planning allows you to maximize your health, arrange time off of work , and prepare for the costs.  Not every patient has to be at their ideal weight before having their plastic surgery.  sometimes their is no need to diet off a large lower abdomen that is going to be removed at surgery anyway.  Seek an experienced surgeon certified by the American board of Plastic Surgery. Get a consult sooner rather than later to anticipate what this means for you. 

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