How Long After a Breast Reduction and Lift Before I Can Run Without Hurting the Result?

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Exercise after breast reduction

I generally advise patients to refrain from exercise for about four weeks post-op and to resume with a regimen that involves the lower body. Begin with walking on a treadmill and increase the speed over several weeks. Many of my breast reduction patients had exercise intolerance preoperatively because of back and shoulder pain so I'd have concern about them undertaking an aggressive exercise program rather than easing into a new lifestyle.

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Exercise following reduction.

Thanks for the question.  I typically tell my patients that they can begin doing non-impact, aerobic exercise at 3 weeks in a very controlled fashion.  By 6 weeks they can resume impact related exercise.  Hope that helps.

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Wait at least 6 weeks!

Recovery varies from patient to patient following breast reduction surgery.We generally recommend that patients avoid strenuous activities including running for a least six weeks following surgery.
Running in the immediate post-operative period may adversely impact the aesthetic results following breast reduction and lead to a higher rate of complications.The constant bouncing of the breasts can lead to wound breakdown and spread of the scars.In addition the breasts may bottom out and develop recurrent sag.
This is especially true when the breasts are left relatively large following the procedure. It’s therefore important that patients wear a quality support bra when running after breast reduction procedures.
It’s important to discuss this issue with your plastic surgeon before running.Your surgeon has important information regarding your situation and when it’s safe to resume this activity.

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Breast Reduction and Exercise?

Thanks for the  question. Congratulations on having undergone breast reduction surgery;  it is one of the most patient pleasing operations we perform.
Generally, it is best to follow your surgeon's  guidelines in regards to return to activity/ exercise. Most of my patients are able to return to this type of activity about 4 to 6 weeks after the breast reduction surgery.
I hope this helps.

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Exercise after a breast reduction

I usually reserve very aggressive exercise like heavy lifting  to be delayed for about 4-6 weeks. Every doctor is differerent so ask yours.

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Exercise after Breast Reduction

If you have had an uncomplicated postoperative course, the simple answer is 6 weeks. However, you could return sooner if your surgeon approves.

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Running after Breast Surgery

I usually recommend that my patients wait 4-6 weeks following augmentation, breast rduction, or mastopexy to begin running and only then wearing a good athletic bra.  This is a question, however, that should be addressed to your surgeon with whom you have invested a good bit of time and money.

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