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How Long After Breast Implants Do I Have to Wait Before Playing Volleyball?

I play league volleyball and was wondering how long after breast implants would have to wait before playing again. Also, if I dove on the floor for a ball and hit my chest would there be a risk to the implants such as capsular contracture or bottoming out.

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Exercise following surgery.


Thank for your question.  The safest answer is to wait 6 weeks prior to performing strenuous activity following surgery.  I will let patients resume non-contact/non-impact cardio at 3 weeks in some cases as well.  Depends on the patient and the surgery.

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Active sports after breast augmentation


I usually have my patients wait about 6 -8 weeks before engaging in vigorous sports activities after surgery.

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Extreme Exertion after breast augmentation


I recommend that my patients refrain from extreme physical exertion for 4-6 weeks following surgery.  This allows time for the muscle to relax and the wound to heal.  Always check with your doctor before increasing activity.

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