How Long After Breast Augmentation Until I Can Do Lower Body Work Outs?

It's almost been a month since my breast augmentation? Small b with 340cc (saline). How long till I can at least do lower body work outs for my legs?

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Resuming exercise after Breast Augmentation

Simply answer:  2 weeks!   I let all my patients resume full cardio and exercise at 2 weeks.  The risk of developing a post-operative hematoma is virtually ni at this time point. The only thing that usually requires a bit more time is any upper body weight lifting, especially if it involves the chest muscles.  Assuming you had a subpectoral (under the muscle) breast augmentation, I don't remember any military presses or "butter-flies" that focus the chest (pectoralis) muscle. Also I don't recommend lots of push-ups either.  If patients really try to "overwork" or develop their pectoralis (chest) muscles after subpectoral breast augmentation then there is a higher chance of malposition of the implant and developing an "animation deformity" which is when the patient "flexes" their chest muscles and gets movement of the implants.  I hope this helps


James F. Boynton, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Lower body workout skin usually begin a week or 2 after breast augmentation.

Thank you for your question. Of course you must follow the directions and instructions provided by your plastic surgeon.

In my practice patients can begin lower body work outs a week or 2 weeks after breast augmentation if that healing has progressed normally. I do suggest that my patients sees exercise if they begin to feel discomfort in the breast region caused by increased blood flow.

Lower body excercises

I allow my patients to resume aerobic lower body activities 2 weeks after surgery.  I prefer no weight training for three weeks after surgery. 

Lower body exercise after breast augmentation

I usually let my patients do lower body work-out 3-4 weeks after breast augmentation.  I want them to wait about 6 weeks for full chest and upper body exercise.  Your plastic surgeon may have a different recommendation; so you need to ask her/him.

Exercise after augmentation

I usually have patients wait 3-4 weeks to restart light aerobics and 4-6 weeks to begin heavy lifting exercises.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Ask your surgeon about return to exercise after breast augmentation

Every plastic surgeon has his or her own guidance as to return to exercise after surgery. If for example your implants are subfascial then you go be back to full activity quite early but under muscle would be longer. In either case you should be able to do lower body workouts 4 weeks post-op but clear it with your surgeon.

Richard Baxter, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Working Out After Augmentation

I too would allow you to leg lifts and other exercises which key on the lower extremites and do not affect the chest area.  I ask my patients to wait up to 6 weeks after augmentation to do things which stress the chest.  I agree that you should ask your surgeon this question.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon
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Exercise after breast augmentation

I'd have let you do this at 2 weeks in my practice but ask your doctor so you are following their plan.

Lower Body, typically the exception...

Recovery following breast augmentation surgery varies from patient to patient and depends upon a multitude of variables. We generally recommend light activity for the first week following surgery. After one week, patients are allowed to gradually resume normal nonstrenuous activities. Strenuous activities and heavy lifting are not allowed for at least 6 weeks in most cases.
The lower extremity represents an exception to this rule. We typically allow patients to perform leg lifts and other lower extremity exercises 2 to 4 weeks following breast augmentation.
At 6 to 8 weeks, most patients are able to resume all of their normal activities. Make sure you discuss this issue with your plastic surgeon. Your surgeon’s insights regarding this procedure will provide important information regarding when you can resume your exercise routine.

Lower Body Work Outs post Breast Augmentation

Each surgeon has his or her guidelines for postoperative care. Generally, you can begin light activity 5 to 7 days post surgery. More strenuous activity can begin as soon as 3 to 6 weeks depending on how you are healing. Consult with your surgeon and follow his or her instruction as he or she knows the scope of the surgery and the specifics about you.

Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS
West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon
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