Breast Implants One Week Post Op Bruise? (photo)

Hi I was lifting my suitcase yesterday which was 12kg...about 20 pounds very carefully on the bus and had a muscle spasm... Could it have damaged the implant...I have yellowish shadow around the implabt where I felt the spasm....and today I went to buy a big water bottle and the spasm came back....I felt it more under my arm...its the muscle below the implant feels tight.....and gest spasm.... I wonder if the yellowish shadow is an old hematoma...10 days post op Many Thanks lovestar

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Breast Implants One Week Post Op Bruise?

Over the internet very hard to diagnose. But WHY are you lifting at 10 days post op??? See your surgeon ASAP for an examination. 

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Breast augmentation and yellowish color

Many patients have some bruising after an augmentation. You may have caused a small bruise after lifting the suitcase. If you are concerned, you should see your surgeon.

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Breast Implants One Week Post Op Bruise

The yellow tinge does look like a bruise.

It is extremely unlikely that a muscle spasm can damage the implants. They can take a lot more than that. If these symptoms persist, a muscle relaxant can make them less frequent, so check with your surgeon.

Thank you and best wishes. 

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