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Upper Blepharoplasty: Lump at Incision? (photo)

I had upper blephroplasty eight days ago and am happy with the results so far (with full awareness that it is early days); however in the last couple of days I have noticed a red lump at the point of incision on my right eye. I have a follow up with my Dr in a month but I would be appreciative for an opinion in the mean time. Thank you

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Incision after blepharoplasty


It is not uncommon for the end of the incision closure to be witha  small bump 8 days  out. This often just settles on its own. If it is red and painful, it may represent an infection and should be seen by your surgeon.

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Upper Blepharoplasty: Lump at Incision?


Photo demonstrates suture abscess. Seek immediate medical drainage from your chosen surgeon. Very easy to treat NOW! 

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Lump at incision after upper blepharoplasty


At eight days after an upper blepharoplasty, it would not be unusual to have a small lump at the end of the incision.  Normally, with time, this should go away completely.  If for some reason, you feel it is getting worse instead of better, I would contact your surgeon.  

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