Having localized pain in left breast 4 wks post after implant replacement and reduction in sIze. What kind of pain is normal?

A month post-op. Had implants replaced (saline to silicone) and reduced in size (from 350cc to 215cc). Started having localized pain on left breast near the midline, above the nipple- felt "bruised". Now it also has a sharp pain. At first, I only felt this pain when I tried to lay on my side, now it's pretty consistent. Can also feel the implant move when I bend over/lay on side. No fever or anything like that. Is this pain normal and will it go away over time? What's the best way to treat it?

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Pain after breast reduction and implant exchange

Thank you for your question. I would definitely recommend (especially considering the quality and progression of the pain you are describing) for you to follow up with your surgeon. Am assuming that your surgeon is a board certified plastic surgeon or board eligible plastic surgeon. Aside from that, usually significant asymmetries in pain or pain that progressively gets worse following surgery – instead of improving, is a cause for further evaluation. Of course, pending an in person examination and in-depth evaluation, the symptoms may be explainable, but seeking your surgeon’s help will be the only thing to help address that. Good luck!

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Pain and abnormal sensations and sounds quite common after breast augmentation revision.

That thing you are describing seems particularly remarkable three weeks after revisional surgery. Nevertheless, any significant changes in your convalescence should be reported to your own plastic surgeon.

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Breast discomfort 4 weeks after surgery

It is not uncommon that as you heal and the swelling goes down that your breasts may be sensitive.  If you have concerns that something may be wrong, then it is best to see your surgeon.

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Having localized pain in left breast 4 wks post after implant replacement and reduction in sIze. What kind of pain is normal?

 I am sorry to hear about the problem you are experiencing. Consistent pain one month after breast surgery would not be considered “normal”; it is possible that you are experiencing a complication.  For example, sometimes if a patient is experiencing a breast implant displacement problem, localized pain in the area where the breast implant displaces to may occur. Best to see your plastic surgeon, who will be able to evaluate your situation much more precisely. Best wishes.

Pain after breast implant revision

Some degree of pain is normal but it is impossible to know if this is the case with you. You should call your surgeon and discuss it with him/her.


It is hard to say if your pain is normal. Everybody experiences pain differently despite having very similar procedures. All when you're operating plastic surgeon can answer if your pain is anticipated and normal. Good luck.

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