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I live in Shenzhen China and want to get Juvederm. How can I know if it's real?

It's more convenient for me and probably cheaper than going to Hong Kong. The doctor seems legit and has an office inside The Sheraton hotel, but how can I know that what I get is real?

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Verify verify verify it is your face

Look at the product for the original packing and verify that the doctor buys from allergen, call them direct.

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How do I know if I am getting real Juvederm


In the U.S. I would tell you that to know if it's real Juvederm or not, you can ask the injector for the lot number and contact Allergan, the company that makes and distributes Juvederm in the U.S. I would suppose there is an equal to this in China, but I wouldn't know for certain. 

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