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Will lips look normal if perma soft lip implants removed? (photo)

Do they cause people to feel like their smile is constrained/smaller?

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Permalip Removal

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Sorry you didn't like your implants. When implants are removed, whether in your lips, on your chin or your cheeks, it always feels strange for some time. It could be a few days, a few weeks or even longer. But the feeling should go away. And the tunnel that was created will collapse and become filled with scar, but minimally. I would encourage stretching exercises to keep your lips unrestricted. Good luck!

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Remove permalip implants

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  • Your lips should look normal after removing a Permalip implant.
  • The lip may feel a little stretched if the implant was large.
  • Your photos suggest that the implant corrected an assymetry of your lower lip. Removing the implant may make this more noticeable than it was before.
  • Permalip implants can make the smile feel constrained - it usually passes off in 6 weeks.

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