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Does Transferring Fat to the Buttocks Help the Body Maintain Fat Cell Equilibrium After Lipo?

I am considering liposuction with fat transfer/BBL and I have a few questions. 1) If your weight is stable and you have liposuction, will it trigger your body to expand the other fat cells in response to the loss of fat cells? 2) Does transfering fat to the buttocks help your body keep its fat cell equilibrium? 3) If you have excess/loose skin in the abdomen after liposuction, do you need to do a tummy tuck, or can you simply tighten the skin as a less invasive alternative?

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Fat equilibrium


You have asked some great questions.  In general , the fat cells that are removed will not come back in this area.  If you gain weight , you may get larger in other areas.  A large amount of loose skin in the abdomen requires and Abdominoplasty or mini tummy tuck depending on the amount and location 

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