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Is Liposuction and Scar Revision Necessary After Tummy Tuck?

I have horrible scarring (the incision line above pubic area is zig-zag) and fatty deposits around side and love handles that were not there before.

What should I do? The certified surgeon said that I should now do Liposuction to get better contouring and a second scar revision surgery.

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Wait until you're at least 6 monts out


It doesn't sound like your scar is very nice.  The extra fat around the flanks was probably always there and should have been remove with the tummy tuck.

So wait until you're at least 6 months out from surgery before getting the scar revision and liposuction.

Fairfax Plastic Surgeon
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Consider scar revision and SlimLipo and get 2nd opinion


I am sorry to hear of your situation. It sounds as though you did not have a good operation. I agree that you should seek a second opinion.

A scar revision may be possible but I would need photos or an exam to be sure.

The extra fat can be removed but you will need skin tightening as well.

I use Slimlipo laser assisted liposuction (see pic below). The laser tightens the skin as well as dissolving the fat which is then aspirated. in my experience the laser lipo leaves smoother skin following liposuction.

See before and after photos of Slim Lipo and Mini Tummy Tuck.

Web reference:

Boston Plastic Surgeon
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How far out from first surgery are you?


You should not consider liposuction until at least six months out from abdominoplasty.   You also mention that this would be your second scar revison - each surgery- even office revison should be carefully considered  - you might consider a second opinion before signing on for more surgery.

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Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon
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Bad scarring can happen for many reasons


If your scar is wide and zig-zag in nature, the most likely reason is poor planning and too tight a closure. You also describe excess fat on the flanks which wasn't there before. This are "dog ears" from a poorly executed incision and contouring with liposuction. When I evaluate a patient who comes in for a tummy tuck, I always look at their back and buttocks too. It is not enough to flatten the abdomen only. This will make you look wide with unnatural contours. I do not do tummy tucks only. I incorporated liposuction contouring with the VASER in all my tummy tucks. This technique "shrinks" your midsection circumferentially, flattens the abdomen, removes the fat rolls from the back, hips and upper buttock, thus rejuvenating your whole midsection. It sounds like you would need at a minimum a scar revision and some liposuction of the flanks. If your lower abdominal scar is still under a lot of tension, you might need to wait several months before this can be done to give you the best results. Best of luck.

Bellevue Plastic Surgeon
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Get a second opinion...


I assume this advice was from the same doctor who did your original surgery. They might be right and you might need a scar revision and liposuction, however, since you're not thrilled with your original result it might be worth getting a second opinion. Be sure to tell the second doctor this isn't a legal matter (doesn't sound like you want to sue the first doc, just get a good result) but that you want another set of eyes to look you over before you commit to anything.

Munster Plastic Surgeon
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