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Liposuction - Lymph Detox

Liposuction almost 4 months ago on abdomen & flanks-sutured, no drains. Have pitting edema in feet ankles and legs but ankles hurt, severely & feet turn purple, almost black. Scary. Is there anything I can do to manage this?

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Swelling in feet and ankles after abdominal liposuction


This may be a coincidence.  Swelling in the groin, that is temporary and self-limiting after a few weeks,  not legs is common after abdominal liposuction.  With circulation changes and swelling, you should see an internist who may refer you to a vascular surgeon if blood tests do not show rheumatologic connective tissue disease or protein, liver abnormalities, to ensure you don't have any unrelated problem with your great vessels.  Don't put it off.

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