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Liposuction to Lose 45 Lbs?

Can Liposuction help me to lose 45 lbs? How long is the recovery time?

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Yes and No


It is advisable to only remove up to 5 liters of aspirate at one time during liposuction. It this aspirate was weighed it wouldn't weigh much. However, if removal of 5 liters from say the abdomen, flanks and back gives you more confidence to hit the gym and improve your diet than yes, it could help you lose that 45lbs.

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Lipo is not a replacement for diet and excercise


Liposuction is not a replacement for diet and exercise. This could be an unhealthy way of reducing weight. Safe liposuction aims to reduce volume in areas that don’t lessen despite exercising appropriately and eating well. There can be medical complications with excessive fat removal. It is far better to consult with a nutritionist and physical trainer and then seek consultation for liposuction after you reduce the major volume yourself.

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By now, it should be common knowledge that liposuction is absolutely positively NOT for weight loss, just for contouring the body after proper diet and exercise.

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Liposuction is not a weight loss tool.  Removing that much fat at one time can kill you, as blood is lost along with fat.  You should consider diet, exercise, bariatric surgery.

In some cases, debulking of fat via liposuction may be a helpful step, but typically is not for weight loss.



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Liposuction for 45 lb weight loss


Liposuction is not the way to go to lose 45 lbs.  Diet and exercise is the best way to go.  Most doctors will not perform more than 5 liters ( about 10lbs) of liposuction in any one session.  Excess liposuction can cause fluid shifts that can be very harmful.

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Removing even 20 pounds of fat with liposuction is very risky.



I know this is not what you were hoping to hear, but liposuction is not the way to lose weight. In New York, we don't do "high volume" (20 pounds) liposuction because we don't think it is safe.

Losing weight is tremendously difficult, and I am not going to lecture you about diet and exercise.

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Liposuction is not for you!


 Diet and exercise is what you need. After you have lost the 45 lbs. then you can have liposuction to contour the remaining areas of fat

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There is no weight loss with liposuction


Dear Mellon

Only two thing determine what you weigh: how much you eat and how fast your body metabolizes energy. Diet controls what you put in your mouth. For individuals with morbid obesity, lap band surgery may be an option. Metabolism can be altered by getting off the couch and exercising more.

The issue with using liposuction to loose weight is that unless you change what you eat or change your metabolism by increase physical activity, eventually all the weight removed by liposuction will return. The reason liposuction works as a sculpting method is that although the fat returns, it returns more uniformly over the body. This leaves the sculpted area improved.

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Lipo to loose 45 lbs.


No matter where you live I know someone who can help you lose 45 lbs. You see that person every day when you look in the mirror !! As the other M.D.s have said lipo is a body sculpting proceedure. If you do not get in touch with" that person" soon you will continue to be overweight with all it's negative health sequella.

If you need help a certified nutritionist can set you on the right path. Good luck on the most important "trip " of your new life.

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Liposuction is NOT for weight loss


Liposuction is for body contouring regions of localized adiposity (fat deposits). It is not a weight loss procedure. If you need to loose 45 pounds, diet and exercise are the way to go. If you have more weight to loose and are considering surgical assistance, then you should consider something like a Lap Band.

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