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Would Liposonix be a Good Option for Revision Work After Vaser Left Lumps?

I just read about LipoSonix and it seems to be giving better results than Vaser. I had Vaser performed on me 9 weeks ago and I was wondering if Liposonix would have been a better choice for someone who's 27, and 120lbs? Also, the Vaser has left me with lumps, bumps, and dimples... although it's only 9 months I'm starting to think about what I can do to get my deformities fixed. Could I have Liposonix performed on me to remove the lumps?

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We are working on this.


I have treated 3 patients to-date who have bulges from liposuction or laser liposuction. The beauty of the Liposonix machine is that we can customize the size of the pulse to the bulge size. We will not have data on our results until July 2012. We need time and more experience before we can give you an accurate response to your question. I am certain that other doctors who own Liposonix are doing the same thing, so more data will be coming. Also, it appears that the FDA will be approving injection lipolysis, and this may be a better way to go for you. Regards.

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