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Safer Between Liposuction and Surgery for Lipoma Removal?

What is the safest way to get rid of lipoma: Liposuction or surgery? The lipoma is on the left hip and 10 cm. in size.

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Both Liposuction and surgery to remove lipoma are safe


Liposuction works well for most lipomas but don't allow histological evaluation. They avoid a long scar but commonly there is a small remnant (the connective tissue of the tumor.

Excision allows for complete removal. It requires a longer incision and thus longer scar and provides a specimen for histologic evaluation if that is desired.

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Trade off between Lipoma removal with excision versus lliposuction


That is a difficult question to answer.

Lipomas can be removed with:

  1. Wide excision (the standard of care)
  2. Squeeze technique
  3. Mesotherapy'
  4. Liposuction.

Any technique which leaves a portion of the lipoma behind results in a higher risk of recurrence or possible (small risk) of misdiagnosing a liposarcoma

Minimally invasive techniques have generally lower risks of scarring.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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