Given Lipomas Are Fatty Deposits, Do Diet Products Like Alli Help?

Given Lipomas Are Fatty Deposits, Do Diet Products Like Alli Help?

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Lipomas and weight loss

Lipomas are blobs of fat cells that started growing for unknown reasons but are benign. In general beyond the body's ability to compensate over the short term, if you take in fewer calories than you burn off (regardless of the product to "help" this) you will lose weight because the body breaks down and uses energy stored in fat cells to make up the difference. As far as I'm aware, no one has shown that you can do this preferentially for certain fat cells. I suspect that the fat cells in lipomas would also decrease with weight loss but in the same proportion as other fat and thus would not look or feel much different. If you need to lose weight you should do it for that reason and not to treat lipomas. Superficial lipomas can be removed by and extraction technique with a minimal incision and larger ones, proven to be lipomas, can be reduced by liposuction. 

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