Compression Garment Leaving Ridges After Thigh Liposuction

I had lipo to inner and outer thighs and the canula went to just above the knee area. I have been fitted with too short garments- they stop just below panty line and the hospital can't get me any longer ones (knee length) until 6 days post op. I have ridges where these high thigh compression garments stop. All I want to know is- when I get the proper garments, will these ridges disappear? I thought wearing the garments helped with the aesthetic look and am worried about outcome.

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Compression garments for liposuction can help the healing

Compression garments have not been reported to leave permanent marks, but can help expedite the healing and in some patients, make it more comfortable during the healing process.  Once you get the proper fitting garment, the contour should become smoother.  Make sure you contact your surgeon so he or she can evaluate your condition, sooner rather than later.

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Liposuction Garment?

Thank you for the question.

Once you get the proper fitting garments the “ridges” will disappear. There should be no long-term effects from the previous garment. It may also be helpful to massage out any irregularities/ridges that currently exists.

I hope this helps.


Compression garments usually do not leave ridges if the fit properly. You may need to get a different garment. Speak to your plastic surgeon

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Postliposuction Compression Garment

Post-lipo compression garments are NOT supposed to cause indentations or grooving at the site of your liposuction. I'd remove what you have now and at least go with wide ACE wraps until you can get another garment. Your surgeon should be able to help you with this immediately. Otherwise, I have my patients use garments from Marena. You can order their garments online at and use fast shipping. Make sure the garments go above and below the areas of your liposuction, and keep in mind that some swelling that occurs in the calves and feet is to be expected as well. Good luck!

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Compression garment leaving ridges after liposuction

Compression after liposuction is a very important part of achieving the final result.  If your garment does not fit properly, you should speak to your surgeon about getting one that does fit correctly to maximize your chances of having a great result.

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Compression Garment Leaving Ridges After Thigh Liposuction

Wearing an ill fitted garment is a mistake. Order a full length garment from this site or over the internet with an overnight delivery. The dents or waves are due to the shortness of the garment you are using. If you were my personal patient I would have you sop wearing this garment. 

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