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Should I Get Lip Reduction? Lip Lift? Braces or Any Other Suggestions to Fix my Lips/Smile? (photo)

As seen in pictures my lips is really big and duck lips,which ruins my smile,my sides profile as well.I'm considering an option but I'm not sure if I need braces to pull back my jaw,or if a lips reduction is my best answer, or a lip lift.My lips are just too stick out but I don't know what my best options are. I hate my fat cheekbones,laugh lines as well,make me look older than my age and I just turn 20. I don't smile alot to keep them from showing as I look uglier when I smile. Any suggestions?

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Lip reduction or Lip Lift?


Based on your photos I would say that a lower lip reduction with the incision hidden inside the mouth would probably get you closer to the look you want. Full lips are a sign of youth and sensuality so you don't want to be aggressive in the reduction. I see no problem with your upper lip. However one thing I did notice is that your chin is relatively retrusive/set back. A chin augmentation could help balance your upper and lower facial features and further reduce the apparent fullness of your lower lip. Best of Luck   Dr Harrell

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