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Lip Lift or Collagen Injections for Thin Upper Lip?

I have thin upper lip and full lower lip. Should I have lip lift or collagen injections to even out the upper lip? What are the average price differences between both?

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Lip Lift vs filler injections

Selecting the correct procedure would require thorough analysis of your lip.  Specifically lip length vs lip substance of fullness.  The surgeon will take into account your facial anatomy, your dentition and your smile to decide on the optimum result.  Often both lifting and filling is required.

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Lip Lift, Lip Fill or Both for a Sexier Upper Lip

First determine if the lip is in its proper position with a hint of white incisors seen on smiling . There is NO point in filling a lip which covers the teeth (and requires lifting like a curtain) or which shows the gums (and requires gentle lowering with Botox). Once the position of the lip is secured in the proper place, the lip can be filled.

The lip is BEST filled with either Juvederm or Restylane for a soft, non-foreign body feeling, sexy result. The philtral columns (pillars) and the junction of the skin with the lip lining (White line) is filled for better accentuation. There is NO REASON why this should not be done tastefully without the over-done duck lips everybody fears having.

To read more about the artistry of Lip filling, follow the link below -

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Lip lifts will reduce the distance from the nose the the red portion of your lip. Fillers will enlarge the red portion of the lip. In some instances both are needed.

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A long lip will need a lift, a thin lip will need filler

If your upper lip is thin but the distance from your nose to the red part of your upper lip isis NOT long, then all you need is a filler to plump up the lip.

If your upper lip is thin AND you have a long distance from the base of the nose to the red part of the lip OR your lip hangs down over your teeth and your incisor teeth are not visible when you part your mouth slightly, then a lip lift is in order. Ideally, you should see at least 3mm of the upper incisiors when your lips are parted slightly.

The cost for a lip lift is several thousand dollars as this is a surgical procedure. The cost of a filler is several hundred dollars, depending on how much filler you require.

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