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Is It Possible to Have a Lip Lift and Return Home in a Few Days Without my Husband Noticing? (photo)

I have a flat upper lip, and long, flat area between nose and upper lip. I have been getting restylane injections, but result is still not satisfactory.I was contemplating the permalip implant, but after research, I am sure that the lip lift is the best procedure for my issue. I live with husband and am unable to "disappear" for a few weeks to heal. Is the lip lift swelling much more noticeable than restylane injections? how long does it really take for the noticeable swelling to pass?

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Lip surgery

I think you have beautiful lips and would not recommend any surgery. Just stay with the Restylane injections as these seem to be working for you.

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Recovery After Lip Lift

In looking at your photos, I would question as to whether a lip lift is appropriate for you. But if it was done at only 25% of your philtral length (in essence not overdone) then it may be a satisfactory procedure. Lip swelling is not the issue after a lip lift as that is not significant. It would be the fine line at the base of the nose which would be difficult to hide. I would think this would be a difficult 'stealth' surgery even though the recovery is minimal.

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