What lip augmentation procedure has this model had done? (photo0

This is an Internet model who has undergone major lip augmentation and re shaping. It appears to be permanent since her lips looked the same for a couple of years. Definite increase of height on top lip, especially the outer sides/border. And overall size. We are all dying to know (and get the same amazing results!)

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Lip augmentation surgery

I could not see any scars as the photos were not close. This all could be done with injectable fillers, but maintenance would have to be done. Models in my practice come in often for maintenance much more the ordinary patients. They also have Botox so that they do not get wrinkles.

I do not find these lips attractive as they are too big, but some of my patients like this look especially now around halloween.

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Lip Augmentation: Requires precise technique and patient comfort.

It is virtually impossible from a photo to distinguish between the numerous techniques now available that both reshape the lip and plump them up. The two broad categories of techniques are 1) surgical/invasive, and 2) injection/non-invasive.

Of the two, the most often performed method of augmenting lips is the injection/non-invasive technique which can be also divided into two categories: the injection of temporary fillers lasting 6-12 months such as Juvederm or Restylane, or the injection of more permanent fillers such as one's own fat or micropdroplets of liquid injectable silicone. The most commonly performed technique is the injection of temporary fillers. Due to ever-changing cultural beauty trends, using temporary fillers provides the flexibility of changing one's lips to what is wanted at a particular period in one's life. The desired lip fullness is dictated generally by individual preference and financial resources. Fuller lips requiring more filler costs more than less full lips in which less syringes of filler are used.

Fillers made of hyaluronidase are now manufactured to include lidocaine,an anesthetic which gets injected along with the filler at the time of procedure. I personally do not understand the benefit of this approach. Pain control should be delivered before needle sticks, not after. For this reason, before injecting filler into the lips, I always either 1)inject lidocaine into the gums much like a dentist injects novocaine before dental procedures, or I apply a lidocaine containing anesthetic cream to the lips 15-20 minutes before injection. For this purpose, I am proud to say I always use SOPERFECT Numbing Cream which is the only brand that makes a disposable, single use packet, which delivers just the right amount of numbing cream for the lip and prevents bacterial contamination inherit in tube dispensers.

It is important to only have your lips injected by experienced injectors. Lip augmentation requires precise technical skill, knowledge of fillers, attention to aesthetic outcome, and last but not least, patient comfort.

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