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What Lip Augmentation Procedure Do You Recommend?

Hello, I am a 26 year old female who hates her lips!! My top lip is too small and shaped like the letter "M". What procedure would I need to have done to make my lips look normal? The least expensive the better!! Thank you

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Lip augmentation


It is always best to try temporary fillers such as Prevelle or Juvederm or Restylane before getting anything permanent. That way you can decide on what specifically you want. It is of course best to have the same doctor do all the work, including the temporary fillers, so you can communicate which look is best for you. A small difference in technique may result in a permanent change in appearance, so choose carefully.

For permanent lip augmentation, we prefer LiveFill, nontraumatized fat-fascial grafts. These are the patient's own tissues (grafts) placed directly into the lip to augment volume. Since there are many parts to the lip that can potentially be augmented, we like to customize our lip augmentations to the needs of the patient.

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Lip Augmentation


Thanks for the question.

One of the things to consider is autologous fat transfer or de-epithelialized dermis. These techniques use your body's own tissues to naturally augment your lips. The techniques tend to be more natural looking, permanent and have fewer long term complications.

The procedures can be done with local anesthesia as outpatient procedures and typically take about an hour. Recovery is usually quick.

I hope this helps.

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The best investment for mouth shaping


It's not clear exactly what you do not like about your upper lip inasmuch as the fullness and proportion seem desirable.  However, if you would like to reshape your mouth, one should always consider the best investment as being the one that is the safest and without a permanent result.  Although the cost factor is important, there are many more factors that lead to a good investment when we are discussing your most valuable asset - your appearance.

Discuss your concerns with a practitioner that is able and willing to listen to your treatment goals and involve you in the plan of care.

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Micro fat grafting for lip augmentation


We prefer to use microfat grafting for lip augmentation. It is easy to get, not very expensive, and will last for a long time with the proper harvesting and injecting technique. However, for a first time lip augmentation, I might ask you to try a hyaluronic acid product like Juvederm. Hope that helps.

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Lip augmentation


Your concerns have to be delineated very carefully. If you want some fullness in diferrent areas, then I would recommend a filler product. It is best to use resorbable material. If you don't like the result, it will resorb in several months. There are some surgical and permanent options that can be offered as well. But it is really best to get a "handle" on what you want. This is done through consutlation.

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Start with lip fillers that are not permanent


I agree with Dr. Moelleken that it is important to use lip fillers that are not permanent at first. Once you get used to the way your lips look augmented and the feel of augmented lips, then you can choose a more permanent option. There are many options for permanent lip augmentation such as facial grafts, Alloderm and silicone implants. I do not like injected silicone augmentation into the lips because if you do not like the result, it is very difficult to correct.

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