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Does this look like capsular contracture? (photo)

I'm 4 months post capsulorrhaphy and I went from 420cc saline to 475cc silicone. My breasts are high, very defined and I think I have capsular contracture. My PS, on two occasions, has pushed my implants up by applying a great deal of pressure until I heard a snap, to "open up the pockets". Given the photos, does this look like capsular contracture or could this be from the pocket reduction and larger implants? Will this improve with time? Thank you.

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Capsule formation?


If you think you are developing capsules, then you should start on a medication called Singulair (generic Montulakast) 10 mg every day for 3 months, Vitamine E 2,000 IU every day for 3 months and start on a vigourous breast implant massage program.

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