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Would a Light AHA Peel Be the Safest for Brown Skin?

and are there any differences, being a male, vs. female skin in the results?

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Chemical peels can be performed on patients of all skin types


When deciding to do a chemical peel on brown skin, it is safest to choose a doctor who is experienced treating brown skin. Yes, brown skin can hyperpigment after inflammation but a skilled practitioner will know how to minimize and manage this risk. There are many types of peels that can be performed on brown skin with excellent resutls

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New York Dermatologist
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Lactic acid or Sal Acid for dark skin


The important thing is that any procedure that produces inflammation can induce post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (brown spots) in the skin, so any procedure will give you some risk of brown spots.  I like Lactic Acid or Salacylic Acid peels in darker skin patients, but also utilize a high quality hydroquinone and start with lower concentrations.  If you have darker skin, you will have a slower improvement, but excellent improvements can ben make in skin tone and texture!

Springfield Dermatologic Surgeon
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I prefer salicylic acid and Jessner


The use of all chemicals on darker skin runs the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Picking or pulling the desquamating skin increases the risk. I like salicylic acid Theraplex peels best. It is anti-inflammatory, lipophilic (so it helps with any acne) and works well on darker skin under the cautious eyes of a board certified dermatologist. Both men and women do well with this peel. Silkpeel is also a great option for darker skin.

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New Orleans Dermatologist
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