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Will I Need a Lift with Explant?

I had a breast lift 3 yrs ago. I then added HP mentor 350cc implants a year later. I now feel as my breasts are too big (32DD) and want to explant. I am 50 and want to know if I will need another lift when I explant?

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When to lift after breast implant removal


The need for breast lift most often depends on the position of the nipple relative the fold under the breast. If the breast does not fall or droop over the surface of the implant, you may consider removing the implants and waiting to see what results and complete the lift later.

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You may not need a lift after explantation


You may not need a lift (or even want one) after removal of you breast implants.  Once the weight of the implants is off the skin, there will be some degree of recoil and later retraction that will gradually reduce the skin excess.  The final appearance depends on many things such as skin elasticity, stretch marks, and amount of natural breast tissue.  I usually recommend waiting at least 6 months after explantation to decide what needs to be done. 

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Will you need a lift after breast implant removal


The best approach to your breasts would be to remove the implants then wait about six months to allow for skin shrinkage and contraction.  Then, if you need a lift, it can be done at a separate stage. You should not attempt to remove the implants and do a lift at the same time because you and your surgeon will not know for sure how your skin will shrink. Hopefully the skin shrinks sufficiently and you can avoid a lift.

If your implants are saline, they could be deflated in the office by your plastic surgeon and this will also allow you to see how your breasts will look before the implant removal.

Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon for a more comprehensive exam and review of your options.

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Dr. Bruno

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Breast lifts after implant removal


You have very bottom heavy breasts and I would for sure say you will need a full lift when the implants come out IF you want the beast shape and projection you can get.  

IF you care more about not having scars than about getting the best shape, then heal without the lift and see what you think.  You can always do the lift later.

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Breast lift after implant removal


If your implants are removed, it is reasonable to wait a few months to see how things look before considering a breast lift. If you have saline implants, your surgeon can puncture them in the office with a needle to deflate them. Then, wait a few months to see what your breasts will look like before considering a second lift.

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Revision Breast Lift with Explant


It is difficult to assess your need for a breast lift based on the photo.   Having had a breast lift previously, you are at a higher risk of sensation change and nipple blood supply issues with a revision lift.

For this reason, I may recommend that you stage your procedure by removing the implants now and waiting 6 months.  The tissues may recoil enough to make you happy.    If not, then it will be much safer to perform a lift at this stage.

I wish you a safe recovery.

Dr. Gill

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Lift after explantation


It is diffiuclt to say whether or not you will need a lift after implant removal. Thanks for the photo, but it is at an unusual angle and I can not tell for sure from that view.

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Will I need a lift after explant?


It looks like your breasts may have a bit of droop to them following explantation.  It may be an idea to have the implants removed and see how the skin shrinks back. 

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Breast Lift May Be Desirable After Explantation


Because explantation deflates the breast volume, many women may benefit from a lift after removing breast implants.

From your photos, it appears you already have some drooping: you would be a good candidate for a breast lift after removing your implants.

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Breast Lift after Implant Removal


After undergoing a breast augmentation, most women get used to the fullness produced by the implant.  The natural breast is often more concentrated in the lower half of the breast. Thus, you will notice a significant change in the size and shape of your breasts.  A lift is very common after an explant procedure and appears you might be a candidate for this as well.  Although the photo is from an odd angle, a lift would likely help to restore you to a fuller, more youthful breast whether you remove or keep the implants.

Have a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to make an educated decision about your options.

Best of luck.

Vincent Marin, MD, FACS

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San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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